Contact Etiquette

Some alternative options for screening if you do not have a provider reference would include 1 of the following:

  • Photo ID (just need to see that the photo and that your first name are accurate; you can blur out the rest)
  • Verification from your work email
  • LinkedIn website

Rest assured, this is strictly for safetly/screening precautions. This is completely confidential and your screening profile is automatically deleted by this site in seven days.


Those who really want to meet with me have not had a problem fulfilling my screening requirements. If you are uncomfortable completing this form online, there are other options.


When you decide to explore your inner self and achieve higher satisfactions....

Please approach me with the information I have requested below to: 
-Phone Number
-Preferred method of contact:
-Length of session:
-Two(2) provider references and way to contact:
-No references? May use DL or LinkedIn in place of references
After I have completed checking your credentials; We can proceed to scheduling a session, whether it be in person, Skype, FaceTime, weekly texting/talking on the phone, sending custom pictures/videos.
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